3rd MMT Summer School in Poznań

We are organising the conference in tandem with the Edward Lipiński Foundation and the Heterodox Publishing House

They will host the 3rd MMT Summer School in Poznań (Poland) September 5-7 after which, we will host the 3rd European MMT conference in Berlin (Germany) September 9-10. 

We want to encourage everyone to take part in both events and aim to strengthen ties within the MMT-Community.

With our cooperation we hope to offer a more attractive and comprehensive programme for international guests, that is more cost and time efficient to attend. 

The goal is to dive deep into the subject matter during the Summer School and permit participants to get acquainted with intricacies and novelties in the theory, after which we seek to provide a forum for debate and discussion at the conference.

Poznań is located about 270km east of Berlin and is easily reachable by rail, bus, or by car.