Friday 8 September

  • MMT Primer and Get-together

Saturday 9 September 

  • Welcome Address and start of the conference
  • MMT and the Eurozone
    with i.a. Randall Wray
  • How to pay for the Green New Deal
  • The role of the monetary system in economic meltdowns
    with i.a. Nathan Tankus
  • MMT and foreign currencies
    with i.a. Yan Liang and Steffen Murau

Sunday 10 September 

  • Decolonizing monetary systems
  • MMT and gender sensitive macro-economic policy
  • Alternative Approaches to Inflation (in German)
  • Economic policy in the 21st century (in German)

Monday 11 September

  • Special event: Tour of the German Federal Ministry of Finance (limited capacity)
  • Call for Paper presentations

A detailed program will be published.

The program might be subject to additions or amendments.


More speakers to be confirmed.


Christian Reilly and Patricia Pino from the MMT-Podcast will host most of the english speaking panels of the MMT-conference.

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