Samuel Pufendorf Society for Political Economy

The Samuel Pufendorf Society for Political Economy was founded in Berlin in 2014 by Dirk Ehnts, Alex Hofmann and Erik Jochem.

Our goal is to provide the general public and academics, with information about the nature of our monetary system, drawing from Modern monetary theory (MMT) and related schools of thought.

We blog about monetary subjects and organise workshops and conferences. 

Previously, we organised the 1st and 2nd European MMT conferences in 2019 (Why money matters) and 2021 (Economic policy in a post-pandemic world).  

Our members come from a diverse set of backgrounds including, but not limited to, academics from various disciplines (economics, law and social sciences), students and banking sector employees. We are united in the belief, that a solid understanding of the nature of money is vital to making sense of the economy and societal phenomenons such as power and inequality. 

We are convinced that this knowledge should be provided to all citizens of our democracy, to empower us to make informed economic decisions. 

The Pufendorf Society is a registered non-profit organisation and is financed  by membership fees and donations. 

 Samuel Pufendorf was a german pre-enlightenment legal philosopher from the 17th century. We chose him as our namesake, because he was a important thinker with insightful views pertaining to society and statehood.