Livestreams Tuesday (September 14)

You can follow the conference online via YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Restream. To ask questions please use one of these platforms (links are provided below the videostreams on this website).


Panel I: Unions and demand policy, with Friederike Spiecker (economist), Oliver Picek (Momentum Institut Wien) and Lachlan McCall (Australian National University)


Panel II: Inequality, with Randall Wray (Levy Institute), Miriam Rehm (University of Duisburg), Dorothea Schäfer (DIW Berlin) and Maurice Höfgen (Pufendorf Gesellschaft)


Panel III: Green New Deal, with Claudia Kemfert (DIW), Asker Voldsgaard (IIPP London), Fadhel Kaboub (Denison University)


Panel IV: Political economy of fiscal policy, with Warren Mosler (Valance Inc.), Achim Truger (German Council of Economic Advisers), Philippa Sigl-Glöckner (Dezernat Zukunft) and Paul Sheard (Harvard Kennedy School)

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